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We guarantee to reduce your printer supply costs.

During the Pandemic, we saw desktop printer sales increase by 49%. Soon after came the costly exercise of trying to source printer cartridges for these printers.


Put that on top of the existing printers dotted around a normal office environment and suddenly you have a headache.


KBS Group is a partner with many key manufacturers across the industry, with stock of all fast moving printer cartridges, we guarantee to save you time and money. 


We can provide a specific no obligation quote for your printer needs, with added benefits such as rewards, automated supply (so you never run out) and technical support. 


For us, it's not about simply selling you a printer cartridge, for us it is much more.




Read our latest advice, and discover more information and guidance on what printer is right for your business.


Why now is the perfect time to review your office print solution.


How do you order your printer consumables? Who looks after the support and upkeep of your office printers? How much does your current print fleet actually cost you? Are they a burden on your team? Are you using your devices to their true potential? If you fail to answer any of these questions, now is the perfect time to review your print solution.

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