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Case Study: The KBS Document Management Solution

 for Transport, Haulage and Logistics

The challenge


Are incoming accounts payable invoices presenting a bigger challenge than maintaining tight profit margins? If you’re still dealing with inbound physical mail as your main method to process invoices, you’re 90% less efficient than your next competitor who has already automated that process.


The opportunity


A leading Haulage client in the industry was processing 200,000 incoming account invoices each year, all of which were received by post.


Each one of which needed to be individually checked against the goods received. Matched against the type and quantity. And finally, they needed to ensure that the price was correct.


Additionally, the company estimated about 15% of these deliveries were incorrect in some shape or form – impacting a whopping 30,000 accounts payable invoices. This cost time identifying these problems, chasing them up, and going back and forth between sites and countries. Factor in the obstacles created by Brexit, and you have a lot of time-consuming problems.



By digitising this entire process, so that incoming invoices were scanned and indexed according to goods and company, we were able to drastically reduce the amount of paper that accumulates and time each invoice was handled, not to mention flag exceptions and incorrections much earlier in the process. 


We used DocuWare to speed up these processes and make it simple to electronically retrieve invoice documentation and ultimately improve the way they respond to customer and supplier inquiries.


DocuWare’s high level of adaptability was set-up by us to create an electronic workflow for checking and approving invoices for payment. The invoices were labelled with a barcode before scanning, which is then used for automatic indexing.


Then the remainder of the digital workflow kicks in and guides the authorisation process.  Custom software tools gave the Accounts Payable team a number of auto-generated reports, including invoices pending authorisation.


There was complete transparency from the Transport Operations Director, the Accounts Payable and purchasing teams right across to the Warehouse manager checking the oncoming goods. The scalable nature of the Document management infrastructure means it will integrate and grow as their business does. So what were the benefits of DocuWare to the Business:

What benefits did we bring to the Business?

  • The investment cost of the Document Management Software was amortized within a year.
  • All documents are scanned and stored digitally: Loss of delivery notes or invoices were cut out entirely and human error drastically reduced as all Documents are archived and backed up
  • Improved service and response times for dealers and suppliers
  • Complete transparency over the process
  • Drastically cut down on Paper based documents and storage used
  • Faster access to documents when and where needed. Access from anywhere, from any device
  • Goodbye to missing documents - complete traceability on everything received with the search and index features on archived documents.

Process walkthrough: Measurable return on investment with invoice automation for transport


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