Are you struggling to match freight documents and invoicing?


Digital Document Management, Storage and Retrieval for Transport, Haulage and Logistics

The challenge


Are you currently struggling to match freight documents and invoicing? How can you ensure complete visibility of operations, offer a professional service to your clients whilst juggling tight profit margins and transport deadlines?


The opportunity


Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents by implementing our shipping document management solution. Transport, Haulage and Logistic can seriously cut down on the manual handling of supplier goods documentation by automating this process. 


From order placed, delivery note received and paid invoice – you will know the status of any delivery and its related documents at any time, from anywhere, on any device.


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Driving forward


Our solutions provide the Transport & Logistics industry with higher efficiency and improved service levels. We help with supply chain management, reducing costs, and significantly improving the customer experience as well as supplier relations. The fierce efficiency war in the transportation industry is fought on the road, by train, and cargo ship. Fast, secure and flexible document management from our Document Managent Solution is a real competitive advantage.


Drive your Business forward with digital Document Management. Why local Transport & Haulage companies are using our software:

  • Intelligently link transport documents and invoicing
  • All documents are scanned and stored digitally: No more risk of loss of delivery notes or invoices, cut out human error as all Documents are archived and backed up
  • Easy to create, fully visible and traceable from Managing Director, to Warehouse manager across to your purchasing and accounts teams
  • Cut out manual tasks such as uploading paper docs as scanning and indexing means greater efficiency and less opportunity for loss or confusion
  • Increase productivity as documents logged onto a portal – access from any device, from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Iron-tight security – employees have single sign-in to portal once authorised by an admin
  • Invoices turned around in seconds, meaning early payment discounts and improved cash flow – drive up your bottom line
  • Amortise Software and installation costs in less than year.

Still unsure how this would apply to your company? Let us paint you a picture, read on to find out how our Managed Document Solutions transformed the fortunes of a leading transport & Haulage company.

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