Digital Document Management for Engineering and Manufacturing


Digital Document Management, Storage and Retrieval

 for Engineering and Manufacturing

The challenge


Sometimes when it comes to separating the office from the workshop, the distinction is blurred. Paper invoices and delivery notes can be handed to you on the job, buried in pockets, misplaced or they simply just never make it back to the office. 


Engineering and manufacturing storage processes are complex and often involve large volumes of documents passing through the business, in various file formats, that need to be shared across Departments, between suppliers, contractors and manufacturers. 


The opportunity


Get a tailored-made electronic document manager that automates all your physical documents; start by scanning physical copies, giving you a digital copy that is securely saved, indexed and organised in a central database for lighting quick retrieval. Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents. You control who has access to certain document types, tasks lists.


With DocuWare, the leading Document Management Solution available in the market, Engineering companies of all sizes can see huge benefits across these core areas:


Productivity and collaboration

  • Cut storage costs. Digital paper records ensure no future time wasted manually searching for and storing messy physical documents. Instantly retrieve them and send to engineers, factory floor managers, front desk, accounting and other Dept.’s in a free and easy exchange of information
  • Compile and index all the documentation required by regulators in a searchable and secure format. Audit trial of every business-critical document. SOC 2 complaint.
  • Integrate with your ERP, CRM and other systems to ensure you get the most out of all your technology systems.

Security and compliance

  • Restrict unauthorised viewing of confidential documents
  • We will configure viewing and sending guidelines in line with your own company’s privacy policies, so the solution protects proprietary info and customer data security out of the box
  • Cyber secure with state-of-the-art encryption of data, documents and online correspondence
  • Prove compliance Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulatory requirements

IT friendly and future proof

  • User-friendly solution that flexes with the needs of all your core Departments (HR, engineers, Accounts Payable, Warehouse and Factory teams) without adding work for your IT team
  • With DocuWare Cloud, see significant budget savings on hardware and IT time. Amortise costs in a single year after installation
  • Protect against localised hacking, malware, espionage and other illegal acts that target your technology infrastructure and natural disasters with a fail-safe disaster recovery plan and clear audit trail of all the eyes on every document

The Benefits of DocuWare to Engineering

  • Paper-based processes and handling are greatly reduced - see gains in productivity across your company as documents and files can be searched for, reducing opportunity for document loss 
  • Some 40% of data breaches are paper-based. Additionally, accidental document loss is completely removed unless document is deleted by designated Master Admin
  • Improved communication between engineers and suppliers 
  • Easily adhere to Product Liability laws as long term archiving is a key feature and eliminate costly storage costs associated with physical storage
  • Accommodates greater range of file types than other Document solutions including CAD Drawings, design files, MS office suite docs, PDF's et al and re download them in their original file type
  • Faster access to documents when and where needed. Access from anywhere, from any device
  • Access and send documents across Departments, and track the origin, regardless of location
  • The investment cost of the Document Management Software was amortised within a year
  • Grant access permission according to department and role so the right people always get the right documents
  • Goodbye to missing documents - complete traceability on everything received with the search and index features on archived documents.

Process walkthrough: How DocuWare serves the dynamic needs of manufacturers




Ease of use for long-term effectiveness. User-friendliness underpins all DocuWare product design and development. This gives users a fast start in their new digital processes and long-term satisfaction.


Flexibility & scalability


DocuWare is a Cloud based Solution that suits Manufacturers of every size. With the flexibility of this Cloud-based solution, you can increase and decrease users and storage in real time as your needs change.  




Control the flow of your documents and data and how they're accessed. Ensure everything is captured, processed and stored securely against misuse and loss. DocuWare is certified for SOC 2, Type 2




Process and access information for mobile and home office teams. Keep your work-from-home staff, faculty and students connected and productive. Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device.  


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