Managed Document Solutions for HR


How to run your HR Department better than ever

Go Paperless

Organise all records in one secure home and pull up critical information within seconds. Save space by digitising paperwork and banish messy shared drives. 

Guarantee Privacy

Ensure peace of mind when you protect sensitive employee information with secure access rights and data encryption. 


Employees, managers, prospect hires and HR colleagues all now have self-service capabilities, from basic searching to portal integration.

Stop wasting time

Repetitive manual data entry, prevent endless document searching, emailing unresponsive managers and other menial tasks can all be automated.

The challenge


How can business owners free up their HR to focus on their real skills – whether they are in the office, spread across different sites or working remotely, HR and payroll processes are very document heavy. There will always be a need for these records, but access to them needs to be instant and accessible to the team regardless of location, at the first time of asking, if your business is to avoid any legal, monetary and reputational risks.


The change


We can remember a time when all of our own HR documents were stored in a massive manual filing system, which is fairly routine among local businesses. Paperwork had to be manually organised and indexed, which took constant attention and time spent locating rarely used files increased as the system grew. Eventually, our paperwork outgrew the storage space dedicated to it. It was only when we started to look at the cost of rental office space that we made the decision enough was enough, and another solution was needed, not more spread. If your business runs HR from a locked filing cabinet you will know the cost, effort and operational risk associated with this antiquated business practice.

We took the opportunity to move across to a Managed Document Solution. With DocuWare, you get a  tailored-made electronic document manager that automates all your physical documents; start by scanning physical copies, giving you a digital copy that is securely saved, indexed and organised in a central database for lighting quick retrieval. Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents. You control who has access to certain document types, tasks lists.


With DocuWare, the leading Document Management Solution available in the market, your HR, whether it's one person or a team, can see huge benefits across these core areas:



Manage the influx of CVs into a single centralised folder as soon as they are emailed, received via website or recruiter, or scanned into the system if handed in person. Preconfigure the workflow so you can send automated invite to interview or rejection templates to candidates by clicking yes or no on the inbound CV.  



Minimise onboarding glitches by digitising the workflow so that requests for P60s, NINOs and other onboarding paperwork can be requested on time and follow-up on outstanding documents. Book laptops and other equipment with alerts built into the workflow so that everyone is ready go on day one.



Automate your payroll process. Send out automatically from your ERP to each employee on any given date in the month. Set-up weekly, four weekly or monthly.



Automate your payroll process. Send out automatically from your ERP to each employee on any given date in the month. Set-up weekly, four weekly or monthly.


Perfomance Reviews

Automate your payroll process. Send out automatically from your ERP to each employee on any given date in the month. Set-up weekly, four weekly or monthly.


Business and Quality Audits

Automate your payroll process. Send out automatically from your ERP to each employee on any given date in the month. Set-up weekly, four weekly or monthly.


Training and Certification

Manage certification applications and renewal reminders for all staff, including trainees.


Time-off Management

Set-up a structured Holiday request dashboard and cut out paper trails or emails routed between staff. Give employees the power to request Holidays, time off in-lieu or medical leave - and track all of it from one location including available leave balances.

The benefits of DocuWare to HR

  • Digitise your filing cabinet: no more missing documents or time wasted searching for paperwork, all inbound paper documents, emails and other digital files are centralised into one digital e-storage pool

  • Notification workflow; i.e. indicate an employee’s status – when an employee reaches the end of their probationary period
  • Restrict unauthorised viewing of confidential documents with bespoke user permissions that limit who can view, edit, sign-for and remove files
  • Simplify GDPR compliance: Define how document types are stored, and set rules for when they should be destroyed and approval workflows for doing so
  • Quick and easy integration with your existing CRMs and internal databases
  • Go paperless: digital paperwork takes up less space, is easier to index and organise and won’t go missing once it’s captured
  • Grant access permission according to department and role so the right people always get the right documents
  • The investment cost of the Document Management Software was amortized within a year. By sharing costs between Departments you spread it’s benefits across your business, and you'll amortize cost sooner and see a quicker ROI
  • Goodbye to missing documents - complete traceability on everything received with the search and index features on archived documents.

Our vision is to unlock the potential of the Modern Workplace, helping people work faster and smarter. A well-designed document management system will reduce errors and manual administration tasks in your HR department, freeing up valuable time so that staff can focus on why they got into HR in the first place: helping colleagues navigate recruitment, onboarding, annual reviews and strategic goals and employee development.

If you're wondering how DocuWare meets prevailing regulatory standards, read the DocuWare Quality Control page for a full list of certifications and accreditions:

Process walkthrough: How DocuWare serves the dynamic needs of Employee Management




Ease of use for long-term effectiveness. User-friendliness underpins all DocuWare product design and development. This gives users a fast start in their new digital processes and long-term satisfaction.


Flexibility & scalability


DocuWare is a Cloud based Solution that suits Manufacturers of every size. With the flexibility of this Cloud-based solution, you can increase and decrease users and storage in real time as your needs change.  




Control the flow of your documents and data and how they're accessed. Ensure everything is captured, processed and stored securely against misuse and loss. DocuWare is certified for SOC 2, Type 2




Process and access information for mobile and home office teams. Keep your work-from-home staff, faculty and students connected and productive. Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device.  


Like the sound of a DocuWare solution for your Business?

Our consultant team has vast experience in helping Human Resources departments to automate and control the paperwork that most companies typically generate around HR.


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