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Digital Document Management, Storage and Retrieval for Accounting & Finance

The challenge


Not much has changed in preparation of financial records since Luca Pacioli, an Italian monk, created the financial statement. Unfortunately, nor has the complexity for accountants in keeping track of all the relevant information from their surroundings and dealings that they then have to translate into a clear record of accounts that the public can understand.  


Whether you’re an internal accounting department, an independent chartered accountant or a local Firm, chances are you too often deal with lots of paper and manual operations that mean costs are recorded too late, approvals take too long, information must be pieced together from disconnected sources, and bookings can never be completed on time. Sound familiar?  QuickBooks or Sage is great as a dashboard for all your reporting but there’s still a missing piece when it comes to pairing the invoices. How do accountants find the time, to match invoices and share copies in the most efficient way possible?


The opportunity


Document management software describes the system for storing, managing, tracing and sharing paperwork, digitally. Our clients experience improved reporting, transparency of processes, automated workflows for approvals, the ability to store documents directly from emails and much more.


With your document management solution, you will take full control of your incoming and outgoing communications with a digital mailroom workflow. If you’re struggling with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, with customer communications being handled from a range of devices and media, then it’s time to look at a modern Document Management Solution to help identify, classify, route, store, and share your documents efficiently.


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DocuWare is the leading document management solution for small and medium sized businesses. Giving you enterprise level control and security for SMB level costs. So help your firm leap into the Green by going paperless, centralising valuable document and process knowledge in one system, and integrating it directly with your ERP for a truly complete overall picture of everything that flows through your business. Download our complete guide for all the reasons your Firms needs DocuWare.

Document Management for every Accounting function


Accounts Payable


A modern Managed Document Solution captures paper and electronic invoices and automatically matches them to the correct purchase order. With smart technology the solution is built to recognise your supplier’s invoices. Where exceptions exist, it will flag an alert to your inbox.


You can start to see the advantages inherent in the solution. While you don’t get rid of paper, you reduce the need for it and are no longer dependent on it for audit purposes. As each document is faithfully scanned, indexed and stored within DocuWare (hosted in local servers or the Cloud) you can pull up any invoice or document within a few clicks. Reduce the burden of invoice handling and eliminate manual entry.


If you are wondering how the invoice gets into the system? Simply download the Paperscan app, take a picture with your phone and send it directly to DocuWare. Or you could always scan it using a Ricoh multi-function printer (hint: we’re a Ricoh partner).

Clients and employees have controlled access to a portal to retrieve the documents intended for them in a safe and compliant environment. And security? DocuWare’s credentials are not under any doubt, it is SOC 2 certified ensuring you remain compliant with the FCA and other necessary regulations.

So take big steps in achieving digital transformation within Accounts Payable. Get a tailored made customisable workflow to manage the approval process specific to your Business, and then post the approved amounts back to the general ledger through pre-built ERP integrations.


Accounts Receivable


Remove the guesswork from Accounts Receivable. DocuWare links related documents and information directly to the order process so you can generate invoices faster, and get a quicker more accurate idea of total outstanding balance of invoices for the balance sheet. DocuWare will also tightly track individual payments plans and special discounts. If customers call, you have all the questions at a few clicks of the button.


Drive profit for your business when you:


  • Have 360 degree overview of delivery notes, performance reports or special agreements directly from your ERP or other such accounting application
  • Automatically file outgoing invoices while printing or emailing
  • Set-up invoice workflows to trigger an alert for early payment discount approvals
  • Have the ability to immediately answer customer inquiries and forward copies in real time by email
  • Collaborate with sales on new customer acquisition information
  • Version control allows you to rollback to previous versions when needed, and prevent non-identical duplicates


Financial Audits


Remove the stress from Audits knowing full well that all

the paperwork and documentation that has passed through your business has been captured and securely stored. Not just booked records from the period being audited, but email, letters or contracts connected with these records can be collected and submitted in seconds.


Cut time spent preparing for audits:


  • Eliminate the risk and responsibility associated with keeping an organised record of paper-based information
  • Archive all accounting documents in a legal, compliant fashion
  • No more unnecessary searches as you can access invoices and correspondence directly from your accounting program
  • Complete these records with easily findable current and historical documents
  • Collect documents into digital folders with a convenient, built-in search field
  • Restrict access to certain documents


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